9 Reasons You Should Take Private Lessons

So you’ve started martial arts classes, you’re getting fitter more toned and losing weight, learning new techniques, and making new friends. But did you know that private lessons can really help you get ahead. Here are the top 9 reasons to compliment your martial arts classes with private lessons:

1 – Accelerate your learning

Private lessons are a great way of accelerating your learning. Students that take private lessons get the complete attention of the instructor and progress faster than just taking classes. The instructor can focus on specific areas you want or need to work on and help you improve in these areas and get results quicker. With individual attention to details the instructors can help you pick up skills easier and learn quicker.

2 – Personalised training

We all know that some people are better in some areas than others. With private lessons the instructor can really help you improve areas you find difficult by creating a tailored programme based on your strengths and weaknesses and learning style to get the best results. Maybe you want to brush up on the syllabus ready for your gradings, maybe you need a little extra help losing weight, maybe you want to get fitter and tone up, maybe you want to learn a new area such as self defence or weapons training. With a private lesson the choice is yours.

3 – Catch up on missed classes

Had to miss a class but don’t want to fall behind? Well a private lesson could be just what you need to catch up. And because you have 100% of the instructors attention you’ll not only catch up you’ll learn to develop the skills and techniques to an even higher level than just classes alone.

4 – Train when its convenient for you

Privates lessons are booked at a time to suit you so they fit your schedule. We’re flexible with privates lessons and will work to fit your preferred training times. Many people struggle to find time to attend regular martial arts classes and private lessons can be the answer because they can fit in with your personal availability.

5 – Reach your goals – fast

Do you have a grading coming up? Maybe you want to lose some weight after the Christmas festivities or maybe you have some other goal and you want some help to get there. Privates lessons enable you and your instructor to understand what your goals are and set up a plan to get there in the shortest possible time. You can’t beat one on one attention to help you reach your goals quicker!

6 – Train at your own pace

Taking private lessons means you can really work at your own pace. Some people want to go through things slower, some want to learn a bit faster. Whatever your style is your instructor can help and tailor the training to your needs and personal skill level. We’re here to make sure your training experience meets then exceeds your expectations.

7 – Stay motivated

Our instructors are expert at getting and keeping you motivated during your private lessons and beyond into group sessions.

8 – Gain confidence and have fun

Privates lessons deliver results and nothing develops confidence like getting results. Succeeding is fun and having fun leads to better results. That is a positive circle that will only grow with time. For a lot of people taking private lessons is what they need to get the confidence to go into a group class.

9 – A positive learning environment

Private lessons help to minimize frustration. For some people frustration can create determination, in others it can discourage them. Sometimes all it takes to get over the frustration is a little personal attention.

Whether you’re doing kickboxing, mma, Krav Maga and self defence or you’re in the children’s martial arts classes private lessons can help get you to the next level and help you achieve your goals. If you’re interested in finding out more please speak to an instructor, contact us or visit Proactive Personal Training Milton Keynes.

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