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Improve By One Percent

Disbelief! Anger! Sadness! Helpless! Uncertainty! These are just some of the emotions that some of you will have had waking up today! Some of you will have had these thoughts and feelings throughout the week as across the world life changes for every single one of us. Restrictions are in place across Europe, my sister in Spain has been told she has another 15 days of lockdown and that’s before the the first fifteen are even up. Good friends of mine in both the USA and Australia Read more [...]

And Breathe

With more and more people across the world being put on lockdown and having to isolate themselves it’s becoming increasingly important to manage our own mental health in these challenging times. Over the last few days I’ve spoken about limiting news and social media so as not to bombard your senses with doom and gloom (stay informed - not overwhelmed). Why? Well simply because your body’s response is to go into flight or fight mode and we become increasingly anxious about the present Read more [...]


“Why so Serious?” The iconic line used by the Joker in the Batman movie The Dark Knight. Why am I talking about a film today? Well it points perfectly to one of our hard wired human traits. To look for negativity! That’s right our brains are very adept at picking out the negative in any given situation and then we have a tendency to dwell on it. Think about how many times you’ve had a good day at work and then someone says one thing you perceive as negative and your mood Read more [...]

Four Tips For Troubled Times

With it looking more and more likely that we will be going into lockdown any day soon it is important that we are mentally prepared to deal with being in isolation. First and foremost it is important to create a daily routine. Hanging around in your PJ’s all day is notgoing to help and you will want to create a sense of normality and productivity in your day. Yesterday on a Facebook live I spoke about the importance of people working from home not sitting in bed with their laptops. It Read more [...]

Kids Martial Arts Testimonial

Here at Total Dojo we pride ourselves on our kids martial arts classes. They are designed to teach discipline, respect and humility; improve the confidence and self esteem of our students; and develop physical attributes like balance, co-ordination and fitness. Take a look at this heartfelt testimonial from Tori and Justine, who bring their child to Total Dojo.

If you want your child to have all these benefits take us up on a free trial by filing in the form and contacting us. Read more [...]

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